Not Even In A Week

Well it is finally time to update you all on what is only five days into my mission. So far it is great! I am loving my district, even though they can be a pain in the butt…haha just kidding, but this experience is super crazy but so spiritual, like I crave more knowledge every single day. It is interesting how much this sacred place makes you want more and more of the incredible knowledge you can only get through studying the scriptures. I have learned so much so far and I am definitely eager to get into the mission field but I believe that I want to make myself better than I am now. The best missionary I can be, and I cannot be that way without Christ, I know I need to be closer to him, more like him and even though I can see some attributes already, it will never be enough, I will continue to strive to always be more like Him. We are so busy every single day and I love it! But all is well and I am going to make the most out of the time I have left. Right now I am in a trio because my companion never showed up but I heard that this Wednesday, when the newbies arrive, I may have a companion that will be going to my same mission! I am excited to welcome new people and get them excited for this experience! Anyways, need to get back to work, until next week!


Elder Meza

APRIL 18, 2016


First Day on the Job

I only have ten minutes to confirm that I am still alive! so do not worry! I arrived well and have so far felt the spirit in my life more than I ever have! This experience is incredible and I cannot wait to continue the learning and teaching process. I am actually going to be here for a full three weeks. I am excited about that! I am in an amazing, spiritual trio companionship and district! I cannot express how much I love them and even though I sacrificed my family for two years I have learned I will have to substitute until I reunite with my native family! I will have a P-day¬†soon so I will update you on incredible experiences that can never be expressed to the fullest degree, crazy right? It has only been two days haha, but all is well and I have absolutely no regrets as I do what I am expected to do. keep supporting me, remember, I am serving for the people in Monterrey, not for myself. Always have them first in your prayers that they will meet me and see me as our Heavingly Father’s Representative. I love you all and may God be with you until we meet again in two years!

Adios y hasta luego!!

Elder Meza



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First Baptism

As of April 9, 2016, I baptized my cousin, Martha Claudia Lara Meza. It was an incredible experience and I will never forget the feeling of helping a family member join this wonderful and beautiful church. May we all remember how important it is to serve our non-member family members and bring them the joy that we, Latter-Day Saints, feel every day because of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.