First Day on the Job

I only have ten minutes to confirm that I am still alive! so do not worry! I arrived well and have so far felt the spirit in my life more than I ever have! This experience is incredible and I cannot wait to continue the learning and teaching process. I am actually going to be here for a full three weeks. I am excited about that! I am in an amazing, spiritual trio companionship and district! I cannot express how much I love them and even though I sacrificed my family for two years I have learned I will have to substitute until I reunite with my native family! I will have a P-day¬†soon so I will update you on incredible experiences that can never be expressed to the fullest degree, crazy right? It has only been two days haha, but all is well and I have absolutely no regrets as I do what I am expected to do. keep supporting me, remember, I am serving for the people in Monterrey, not for myself. Always have them first in your prayers that they will meet me and see me as our Heavingly Father’s Representative. I love you all and may God be with you until we meet again in two years!

Adios y hasta luego!!

Elder Meza



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