This computer sucks for the 10 pesos an hour so I need to type in English and will not correct any typeos I make. This week went by too fast to make a summary right now, but it went by well. We had many many citas fail as we attempted to have a lot of members help us and the majority of the days was spent with failing citas. People do not know how to commit. But I love them. I head to Monterrey this wednesday for some immigrantion stuff and today as a district went to take pictures by the river at the border of our two countries, we did not have time to grab our camera and equipment so I will be sending the pictures next week, i am sorry to disappoint but time stinks and what is planned never goes as planned because we are on the lords time and this is my time to learn pacience…it is not going well haha. Anyways, I received my first packages from my parents this week and my roommates pranked me by hiding them and making it seem like they never arrived. But apart from them getting so hyped for my first wonderful mission moment with them it was great. We met a man the other day who was firm on the belief that since Christ,s death on the cross that we are all saved now we just need to say by our own mouths that we believe in Him then we are truly saved…it was a conversation I was well prepared for, but did not have the opportunity to speak, as most of you may now those moments, mission life. But all is well still and I am still loving this work. I met a couple the other day that the gentleman was wondering why we call ourselves Mormon, and immediately I remembered the scripture in Corintios that helped answer his questions and I definitely felt the spirit guiding me in that moment.


Esta semana que termino a sido bien interesante. Llege a mejorar de mi enfermedad del estomago por lo que me tome, y todo la semana llovio. Y los truenos aqui son tan poderosos, trae un poco de temor. Pero regreso el sol, el gran sol que sabe como quemar. Apenas llege de mi primer corte de pelo. Tambien conocimos a una familia que los padres son miembros, inactivos desde 12 anos, pero quieren que sus hijos, 3, se bautisen, pero, estos dos semanas estan en el primer comunion de su hijo, pero animados de sus bautismos….triste pero vamos a tener pacencia. La mayoria son PFs, miembros con familia que no son miembros. Es dificil a que las personas progresen pero todavia tenemos tres semanas. Hoy comi mi primer chile relleno, not bad. Todo anda bien, y los miembros son excelente, nos ayudan y apoyan muchisimo. Esta semana es semana de fotos entonces les prometo muchas fotos esta proxima lunes, y manana voy para otra area por un dia y medio para los diviciones, entonces estoy animoso. Les amo mucho y los extranio, y tambien llege a tener un gran experiencia con el espiritu que me ayudo compartir una escritura con un contacto que me pregunto sobre porque el LDM se llama Mormon, Challenge Accepted. Pero no llego a ser investigador. Todavia voy sufriendo cada noche por lo frio, mas porque mi comp necesita lo frio….yo no, pero estoy tratando de dormir bien anyways. Y tambien tenemos algunos potential investigadores pero no sabemos hasta manana y miercoles, y jueves. Amo a mi pueblo, y tambien que un calle se llama Sonora, y otra Jalisco, mi meta es convertir una persona o familia de los dos calles. Y vivimos en el Parque Viveros alado de un zoologico, entonces nos despertamos a los leons y elefantes, y en e calle Nezaquacoytl, como sea que se escribe. Bueno, eso es todo, o y la investigadora que queria que me llego a casar con su hija me dejo empas cuando me pregunto el Martes si tenia novia y sin reproche le dije que si y se callo con tristesa, oh well, unfortunate for her, pero esa es la vida. Desde ese dia, no nos a llegado a ensenar otra ves pero vamos a llegar a ver esta semana haha. Estoy bien feliz en esta area y en la obra de salvacion, que todos se recuender el amor que tiende nuestro Padre por nosotros, nosotros como misioneros no somos los amables, pero el Senor que nos ayuda en esta obra, es dificil pero perfecto y hermoso, y I do not regret a single thing. El domingo di un discurso sobre la obra, fui mas de el tiempo, como siempre, pero por eso me acerce mas con los miembros. Este mision es el mejor mision, yo lo se, porque es el que el Senor me a mandado, como dijo Elder Iring, ten cuidado si piensan que han sido llamdados por acident, no mas ten cuidado. Les dejo estoy con toda mi amor, hasta la proxima.

Primer Semana en Campo

Another crazy week and I certainly feel at home now. Elder Vazquez and I have been so busy and have yet to come across people to accept our wonderful message. The members are still helping out a ot, giving us rides, food, and referances. However, time has not been o our side this week. Next week surely looks brighter and we plan to finally invite more people to church. One of our investigators already wants me as a son in law but I currently have something of higher value to offer. Since this area is no more than ten minutes from the U.S border, it has a touch of America, with food, clthing, and random English words and phrases at random times. These are some rather interesting people, I love them. I mean, for a small town, the traffic here sure is insane. I do love this place and even though I miss home, the mission is where I belong. I know this is the work of our Beloved Father and as I serve Him with al I have, He will bless and protect all who care to think of me, support me, and especially pray for me. However, do me the favor of thinking about, supporting and praying for those that the Lord is preparing for my comp and I to meet, teach, and bring unto the fold of the Good Shepard. This is not my mission, but the Fathers. This not my success, but their salvation. This work is hard but that is because Salvation is not a cheap experience. I know that if I do it right that my mission will be hard and nothing is better than that. I know my Redeemor lives and I know he understands my struggles and pains and afflictions and thus I will never suffer. I left my family, to unite others for all eternity. This work is wonderful and may we all remember that our Father wants us to be happy nd return to Him once again, with our eternal companions, ur children, our loved ones, our brothers and sisters, children to a Ceestial Father. That we never cease supporting one another to reach that goal together.


Carta Para Parientes de Hma. McArthur (E)

Sabes que, llegue a Monterrey! Tuve un dia pero largo…Mi paciencia en el aeropuerto era 0% desde que entre hasta que salĂ­ con Hermano y Hermana Page que me recogieron. It was super hard this week, I had to teach a lot and learn a lot to make the most out of the time I had left in the MTC. It was difficult saying good bye to my district but I arrived and now I met everyone and saw this Large version of Los Angeles. I feel at home! Except…my district consists of three Americans and the rest Mexicans, which means soccer for the rest of my days; I will have to get used to that! Anyways, all is well and I want everyone to know that I love you and I miss you and I plan to see you, Mom y Dad.


Hasta Luego!

Elder Meza